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Complete Printing and Direct Mail Services


The lettershop is where we bring together the data, and the printed pieces.  Here we perform direct impression inkjet addressing, labeling, inserting, matching, tabbing, and mailing.
All the pieces come together to complete the solution and prepare it for mailing by the Post Office.
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So much to do, so little time.  So let us do it for you.  With our specialized mailing equipment, we can automate those processes that consume so much of your time.  Automation insures complete compatibilty with the postal regulations, as well as a perfect piece, time after time.  Below are a few of the major lettershop services we provide.

We can provide machine inserting (standard and intelligent), and low-cost hand inserting when needed.  With three inserters capable of inserting up to 6 pieces into envelopes up to 6x9 sizes, we can produce over 20,000 pieces per hour. 
Inkjet Addressing 

Most of the time, addresses are applied to the mailpiece using one of our high speed inkjet printers.  We have multiple high speed direct impression printers capable of addressing over 30,000 pieces per hour, even on glossy stock.
Labeling and Tabbing 

We have the equipment necessary to apply pressure sensitive labels and tabs when needed.  Tabs are applied offline, or online while labeling or inkjetting.  We have the capabilities to label over 20,000 pieces per hour, and tab over 50,000 pieces per hour.  
Postage Application
We have multiple meters onsite to handle letters, flats, and parcels.  Our inserters also have meters so the postage can be applied online while inserting.  We also have high-speed stamping equipment when you want that personal touch.


Learn about the mailing process.

Use Matching to boost response.

When pieces within a single mailpiece match, interest is heightened, which triggers a boost in response rates.  We have the ability to match an unlimited number of pieces within a mailing to create that personal feel that you want your prospect to enjoy.  Matching also provides a way for response devices to be pre-populated with prospect data to allow for easier response.  The easier it is to respond, the more likely the prospect will.  Try using personalization to vary different elements within the mailpiece to add additional interest and higher response.

Learn more about personalization.
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