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Complete Printing and Direct Mail Services
Pre-Press :: Graphic Design

From page layout, to designing new marketing campaigns, we can provide fonts, images, and most importantly ideas that will help to make your piece a success.

Pre-Press is the beginning of everything that we print, we prepare your files, or our original designs to be digitally or offset printed, and prepare the personalization elements of a variable data piece.
Pre-Press  ::  Data Processing  ::  Printing  ::  Bindery  ::  Lettershop  ::  Automated Mail Processing

In order to deliver results, your piece needs to be read and considered.  In order to be read and considered, you need to entice your desired respondent.  The best way to encourage viewing and reading is with an eye-catching, appealing design.  The importance of design elements cannot be underestimated.  It is the visual appeal that will be your primary attention getting device.  Every aspect of the design should be considered, because it all plays an important role in the response to the piece, even down to the placement of the address in some cases.

The way that the design elements come together to produce a appealing, and coherent message to draw your prospect should be a principle part of any piece.  Don't forget the way that the paper stock will impact the overall presentation.

The use of color, or black and white images can have a huge impact on the overall appeal of the piece.  Images can even be personalized to speak to different groups of people within a mailing.
Text Elements

Not only is the wording of your message very important, but the way that those words are displayed can have a major impact on eye appeal and response. The use of different fonts and styles can go a long way to conveying your message.
Illustrated Artwork

Pictures speak a thousand words, but sometimes a simple brushstroke can bring out your message like never before.  The use of illustrations help to give a refined, polished feel to your piece.

Keep it clean!

Have you ever seen a design with so many elements crammed together that you couldn't decipher what message the presenter was trying to convey?  Sometimes, less is more.  Keep your design, and your message to the point.  Give as much information, and answer as many questions as you can, with as little information as possible.  No more, no less.
Giving your design a fresh, clean approach will help to differentiate from all the clutter that is out there trying to invade our minds, and will be welcomed by prospects.

See our accepted graphics formats, as well as our standard procedures for processing files pre-designed by our customers.

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