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MAILING - Data Mail, Inc.


Direct Mail has many advantages over other forms of advertising. Like its ability to get directly to the customer you want, and present them with a message that they must make a decision about. Design, mailing list, printing, prep, and mailing, we handle the entire process quickly and cost effectively.  Whether you’re simply looking to inform others through a newsletter, gain new customers, produce sales, or generate donations, we specialize in direct mail marketing services for all types of businesses including non-profits.

We provide first-class bill, invoice, and statement mailing services to make sure your customers are receiving their transactional documents quickly. Processing, printing, folding/inserting, mailing, we handle the entire process quickly and cost effectively. We understand the need for security, accuracy, and efficiency.  We specialize in transactional mailing for the healthcare and financial industries, as well as refuse collection, sanitation, and water and sewer services.

We offer complete mailroom replacement services.  We will pickup daily from your location and process your outgoing mail according to the USPS guidelines for First-Class mail.  Whether it’s postcards, letters, flats, or packages, we will efficiently process your mail at the lowest rate using our metering equipment.  All letter size mail will receive the discounted First-Class presort rate when we automate the mail on the area’s only OCR machine.  We are redundant in people and equipment ensuring your mail goes out the same day.

If you want to hit every home in a given neighborhood, the USPS Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) program is for you!  Perfect for real estate, lawncare, and pest control companies, or any company who benefits from neighborhood grouping of customers. Simply choose the postal routes that you want to target, provide artwork or have us create it for you and we will handle every detail from printing to mailing. This program allows you to mail a larger mailer at greatly reduced postage.


Direct mail is any advertising message which is personally addressed and delivered directly by mail to your prospective customers but, it is also far more than that. Direct mail is becoming increasingly popular mainly because it is a proven, cost effective and measurable medium for businesses to market their products and services to current and prospective customers. At Data Mail, we don’t just print and mail, we communicate. We think that mailing is about more than just sending a mailer to a mailbox. We believe an effective mailpiece does more, it starts a conversation between you and the customer you want.

They should feel as if this piece was specifically designed with them and their interests in mind. It should inform them, and it should answer questions that may arise. It should provide them with all the information they need to take the steps you want them to take. We have the tools and the expertise necessary to make your direct mail campaign a reality, from start to finish.


What do you want from your direct mail sales campaign? To get a call, to get a click on your website, to get an appointment, to make a sale? The goal of any good direct mailpiece should be to prompt the recipient to take the next step, whatever that may be. Lead the prospect where you want them to go, and base the amount of steps they can take on the value of your product or service, versus the amount of risk to them. Determine what defines the success of your mailing before you ever send it.

It's Targeted

The ability to choose the prospects you want, based on many demographic variables, and geographic data, instead of them finding you.

It's Personal

No other form of advertising can use what you know about each individual prospect to create a message that speaks directly to them.

It's Measurable

By utilizing various types of response devices, the amount of response to your mailing can be calculated to determine the effectiveness of your mailing.

It's Efficient

The ability to target your advertising dollars and conform your message makes the cost of direct mailing much less important than it's cost effectiveness.





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