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PRESORTING - Data Mail, Inc.



Presorting is the process of taking mail and sorting it by like zip codes, according to the rules of the USPS domestic mail manual. At Data Mail, we utilize a multi-line optical character reader to automate your mail, both typed and handwritten. This means that as we run your mail, it looks up the address on the mailpiece, verifies the address, sprays a delivery point barcode on the piece, checks that barcode, and sorts it into a pocket for that zip code, all at about 10 pieces a second. Because we are doing work that the Post Office would normally do, they offer us a postage discount, and we would like to pass a portion of that to you.

Data Mail has the area’s only multi-line optical character reader (MLOCR), and has been operating it since 1996. Our daily presort mailings can range from 30,000 to over 200,000 pieces, with the capability of processing over 36,000 pieces per hour. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 pieces a day, typed or handwritten, we would love to sort your mail, and save you time and money! Simply give us a call at 812-426-MAIL (6245) to learn more about the program, or let us know that you would like to begin saving today!

No invoice on sorting services! Save up to 3.6 cents per piece on single ounce first-class mail at no cost! The Post Office pays us for presorting, and we are sharing that savings with you! Drop off your mail before 4:30 daily with the presort postage rate metered, and we will mail it the same day. Or if you are on one of our current routes and average over 100 pieces per day, we will pick it up.

Presorting typically shaves 1 to 2 days off delivery time, translating to quicker receipt of invoices by your customers, meaning quicker turnaround for payment return for better cash flow. Through commingling of multiple customers first-class mail, we can get more mail directly to it’s destination. With hand sorting most of the mail must be processed in Evansville first, adding at least 1 day to delivery.

If you are already metering, then you are doing all the work required for Data Mail to presort your mail, other than setting your postage meter to a lower rate! And if you would like to save more time, take advantage of our other value-added services such as folding, inserting, metering, or printing, just to name a few.  We also offer a full mailroom replacement service to provide your business with maximum efficiency.

Presorting is perfect for statements, invoices, checks, and general daily mail. We presort mail for many types of businesses including financial, healthcare, and educational institutions, manufacturers, auto dealerships, utilities, governments, and service providers to name a few. Many customers who don’t have the daily volume, take advantage of presorting their mail on an as needed basis.


Automation is a key part of the mailing process. It’s where the greatest postage discounts are found. When a mail piece is able to use automated sorting processes, the Post Office passes that savings to the mailer. For most mailings, this is done before hand by presorting the data on a computer using CASS certified software to update and standardize the addresses before sorting and packaging them in the required sequence. Sometimes, this just isn’t possible due to wide varieties of mailpieces, handwritten mail, or antiquated software that cannot output the proper data to achieve pre-addressing presorting. That’s where an OCR comes in handy.


An OCR takes the mail piece through a camera, reading the address on the envelope, even handwritten, and looks up that address in the Postal database which is updated monthly. After getting verification on the address, a barcode is sprayed which relates to that address, before being verified and sorted into a pocket on the machine which corresponds with the zip code contained in the barcode. All of this is done at 36,000 pieces per hour, or 10 a second!

If you have previously addressed mail, but want the barcoded discounts, then presorting is for you. Whether it’s one time, daily, or as needed, First-Class, Standard, or Non-Profit, be sure to take advantage of this technology, and its ability to save you money.


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