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Educated Customers Are Your Best Customers - Data Mail, Inc.

Educated Customers Are Your Best Customers

One of the biggest marketing mistakes many businesses make is failing to educate buyers about the unique advantages of their products and services, as well as their industry in general. Educated customers are not only more satisfied with their purchasing choices, but they are also more likely to share their wealth of information and tips with other information-savvy buyers. Here are a few ways to increase sales by educating your audience:

  • Educate about pricing. If you’re offering a special discounted price because you purchased in volume, let your customers know, so they understand why your prices aren’t always so low. The same is true if your prices are higher than the competition — explain that your products are of a higher quality, that your warranty is longer, or whatever other reasons you might have.
  • Offer information on industry trends, developments, and new products via newsletters, blogs, social media posts, and the like. Provide webcasts, seminars, and guest speaking engagements at area events. Recommend helpful industry resources, such as books, magazines, and blogs.
  • Use your background or experience to become involved in industry forums, where you can share your enthusiasm and knowledge. Offer valuable contributions, such as useful answers or tips that demonstrate your expertise. Back up your information with trusted sources.
  • Provide reasons why you do business with select manufacturers or vendors, such as if they provide unbeatable quality, industry-leading warranties, or have been a dependable partner for several years.
  • Offer a comparative analysis of your products versus the competition. Define the differences between your company and the competition with factual, credible information. Back it up with customer testimonials and references.
  • Consider using on-hold messaging to educate and inform callers while they wait on the phone. This brief time slot offers a perfect opportunity to tell your audience something they may not know.
  • Include educational content on your website, such as a “tips” section, an archive of blogs, e-newsletters, a glossary of industry terms, or other types of industry resources.

The more you can teach someone something they don’t already know, the more they will trust you and gravitate toward you as an expert in your field. If you’d like help creating marketing materials that will not only impress but also educate your audience, give us a call.

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