Turn Prospects into Clients with Unforgettable Envelopes

In a world besieged by digital noise, there is something refreshing about collecting your mail.

Tangible and memorable, print media leave an emotional footprint in the psyche. Like a waft of perfume from a love letter, the experience of receiving and opening mail is one of life’s simple pleasures.

Want to increase the impact of your message? Non-traditional print envelopes are sure to make a strong impression. When you’re ready to think outside the rectangle, here are some creative custom options:

Colored Borders

When you want an envelope to pop in the mail pile, a colored border sets your piece apart.

Like a beautifully framed photo, edge accents bring extra attention to your message. Your design should flow with the shape and features of the interior message. For example, pair bold borders with a more modest typeface. Or compliment an embossed label with gold accent trim.

Side Splash Accents

A side splash is a print style that covers a significant portion of one side of the envelope, usually just under ¼ of its total length.

Examples include:

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