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3 Logo Design Elements That Are Trending Now - Data Mail, Inc.

3 Logo Design Elements That Are Trending Now

Logos- they’re instantly recognizable, eye-catching, and memorable.

In other words, the perfect way to distinguish your business from the competition and build a brand identity! A great logo gives customers a simple, creative image to associate with your company.

In recent years, businesses have been more eager than ever to refresh their logo designs or create a new polished logo for their company. This year alone, we have seen refreshed logos from big-name brands such as Jell-O and Pepsi.

3 Tips for Designing a Logo That Works

Designing an effective logo can be tricky. Let’s look at which styles can make your logo stand out!

1. Are You Seeing a Sea of Blue?

One essential thing to consider when designing your logo is color.

According to research cited by Zippia, 40% of Fortune 500 companies use the color blue in their logo. Something in this hue is tied to success!

The color blue is known to evoke feelings of calm, trust, loyalty, dependability, logic, and security. These are all great things to remind your customers of at the same time that they see your company name. Blue logos are a trend that is paying off for plenty of successful companies

2. Take Your Logo Back to the Basics

Stripped-down, minimalistic formats for logos are also rising in popularity.

Companies such as Pringles and Nissan have been simplifying their logos, reducing them to bold and basic versions of their easily recognizable designs, and other businesses are following their lead.

Rather than including all the finer details in your logo, consider a more focused style that will communicate the basic idea and remain timeless. Using a more minimalist design for your logo is also a practical decision. In the digital world, a simplified logo can be easily used as an app icon or profile photo for a social account.

3. Bring Some Nostalgia to Your Logo

Another recent logo trend is leaning into designs that bring back nostalgia.

We are now seeing a return to the styles and trends of the 90s with vivid, warm color palettes paired with bold, rounded font types, like Burger King.

Many consumers worldwide prefer to buy products from brands that feel familiar to them. Choosing a nostalgic-feeling design for your company’s logo could help create that familiarity!

Once you take these tips to create or redesign the logo for your company, make sure to use that fantastic new logo on all of your print materials! We’ve got you covered for reliable and high-quality printing.

Check out the services that we offer on our website today!

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