9 Design Techniques You Should Know for Getting Maximum Results From Your Postcards

When it comes to marketing, print is still relevant. And a well-designed postcard is a great tool to have in your marketing toolkit.

"In today’s digital era, physical printed branding materials are often overlooked…However, print media could be the most powerful branding tool that companies are missing."

Before jumping into this fun little project, let’s discuss some of the critical dos and don’ts of designing an effective postcard.

9 Design Techniques You Should Know for Getting Maximum Results From Your Postcards

1. Keep it Simple

We all have great ideas, fantastic offers, and critical information to explain to our potential (or repeat) customers.

But we recommend erring on the side of simplicity. Choose your words carefully and keep the idea straightforward and easy to follow.

Try to stick to one offer: "Use this coupon code to save 25%." Or, "Go to our site today to sign up for free giveaways." Or "Claim your offer today at our website."

2. Keep the Design Clean

Try not to clutter the postcard with images (no matter how great they are).

There are no exceptions to this rule. Use a couple of images per side.

3. Use One Headline and Make it Stand Out

It’s tempting to want to explode on the page with many exciting offers, sales, new products, and ways to contact us.

Try to use one single headline per side, and make your offer clear so that it stands out. Use great colors and an awesome font, and make it front and center of the page.

Keep the headline the star of the page and don’t use too many techniques, e.g., don’t use italics, bold, and underline when you have a great title.

4. Try to Make It Trackable

Use a special URL or a specific phone number or email by which the postcard recipient can get a hold of your great deal. Then track it.

5. Supersize Your Postcard to Get a Better Response

Of course, you will need to weigh this cost to see if your promotion is worth promoting in this way.

But if you are taking the time and money to send something out, make it count!

6. Make White Space Your Friend

Leave some spaces blank, or just filled with a color block.

Don’t fill every square inch of the postcard with text and pictures. "White space can help organize the elements in a composition and emphasize the most important ones. It also creates an aura of luxury and minimalism."

7. Don’t Skimp on Color

Be sure you use color to grab the readers’ attention.

This sometimes seems like an effective way to save some money, but color will increase your readership.

8. Don’t Forget Your Contact Information

People need to know who the postcard is from and how to get ahold of you to place an order!

"You want your audience to immediately recognize your branding across all of your communication, including your print marketing materials."

Ensure your logo and contact information is on the postcard in a prominent place so it doesn’t get lost in the offer.

9. Print With a Reputable Firm

A cheaply made postcard will detract from all your efforts and money.

You want to choose the right paper and ink to ensure readers know they can trust you to produce quality results. Your local printer is the best place to get your questions answered and get the product you deserve.

When promoting a new product or service, use a postcard that stands out in today’s busy mail shuffle. If you have questions about doing that, check us out online or call us.

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