Good, Better, or Best

When it comes to upselling your product line, a tiered marketing strategy can accelerate the research-buying process for your customers, give you a competitive edge, and increase your bottom line through increased revenue. Here are a few tips to help you take advantage of a tiered selling technique:

  • Provide a comparison chart that outlines various differences and focuses on the most importance benefits to motivate buying.
  • Describe product differences using an emotional appeal rather than technical verbiage.
  • Use descriptive headlines or titles that distinguish between the product service levels. For example, try basic, premium, and ultimate; or fast, faster, and fastest.
  • When displaying in your store, group your products in close proximity to one another, making it easier for customers to comparison shop.
  • Provide upselling options in sales proposals, especially if an RFP asks for minimum or bare bones specifications. You may be surprised how many organizations choose higher price points after understanding their benefits.
  • Even if you offer a large variety of products or services, select a few of your best choices as a starting point that won’t overwhelm your audience. When possible, note that other options are available as well.
  • Draw attention to the most expensive option with extra benefit statements and intriguing visuals that will resonate with readers and support the additional expense.

Tiered marketing can not only paint your product line in a positive light but also help your customers make educated decisions based on benefits that are most important to them. The result is a win-win for you and your customers.

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