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usps postage rate increase... - Data Mail, Inc.

usps postage rate increase…

The USPS announced a postage rate increase effective May 11, 2009. You can find full information on the increase here. Did you know there are ways to cut your postage costs?

One way is presorting. If you have never heard of presort automation, then you are missing out. Presorting is the process of taking mail that would otherwise not be applicable for a discount, barcoding it, and sorting by zip code to obtain that discount. Many presort service bureaus offer this service for little or no cost, and pass savings on to their customers. You can learn about Data Mail’s presort program on our website at

Many times, it takes as few as 50 pieces of mail per day to qualify. If you are not in the Evansville/Newburgh area, search for a presort bureau in your area and begin taking advantage of presorting today!

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