usps tabbing regulations…

The USPS is redefining letter-size booklets. New size and tabbing requirements took effect September 8, 2009.

A booklet consists of multiple sheets or pages that are bound by a saddle-stitching, perfect binding, pressed glue or other binding method that creates a nearly uniformly thick mailpiece. The new requirements apply only to letter-size booklets, not larger booklets or unbound folded self-mailers.

• The minimum height is 3.5 inches and the maximum is 6 inches.
• The minimum length is 5 inches and the maximum is 10.5 inches.
• The minimum thickness is .009 Inches and the maximum is .25 Inches.
• 3 tabs required, minimum 1 ½ inch diameter, non perforated (currently 1″
diameter and can be perforated).

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