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7 Top Tips to Create Customer Loyalty Through the Mailbox - Data Mail, Inc.

7 Top Tips to Create Customer Loyalty Through the Mailbox

You need to build loyalty and trust with your clients when bringing in business. This will keep them coming back. Doing so isn’t hard, especially when you use direct mail.

When people get mail, they are more likely to find it a secure way to receive information. 54% of consumers worried less about direct mail privacy than digital communications privacy.

Employ the ideas below.

7 Top Tips to Create Customer Loyalty Through the Mailbox

1. Send Exclusive Offers

Make your offers attractive so that clients will want to open your mail.

Tease them with discounts and sales on the front of the envelope or postcard.

If you have a new product that they have been waiting for, this is the time to offer a good deal on it and announce it.

2. Personalize Communication

If you send a letter, a newsletter, or even a postcard, try using their name.

This will capture their attention and make them take notice. They will know that it’s not just junk mail.

3. Consistency Counts

Ensure all the pieces work together.

Use the same tone of voice and similar graphic design so that it causes them to remember you. Don’t make each piece wildly different.

4. Use High-Quality Paper

This sends the message that you care and that you are serious about what you offer.

It shows that you don’t skimp on quality, which will increase trust with your customers.

5. Include a Call to Action

Make sure there’s a call to action so customers know what to do next.

Ask them to call, visit your website, or subscribe to a newsletter. This builds loyalty because it causes them to stay in touch with you. It also makes them feel connected regularly.

6. Send a Thank You

Deliver a note to customers personally in a nice letter on quality paper.

Use their name, their buying history, and something personal if you can. This makes people genuinely feel appreciated. When you send things like this through the mail, it’s trusted more than an email.

7. Lead with Your Logo

Send items in the mail that have your logo on them, whether it’s a pen, stationary, or a magnet.

This works to build loyalty because it reminds them daily of your business, and it creates a feel-good situation. They know you appreciate them when you give them items.

No matter your business, there are ways to keep customers coming back. Building loyalty takes time, so the key is to be consistent and not give up. Keep the content coming.

In fact, it’s five times less expensive to keep existing customers than to attract new ones.

If you have a project that requires printing, please reach out. We are here to help!

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