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9 Genius Ideas for Driving Traffic to Your Blog with Print - Data Mail, Inc.

9 Genius Ideas for Driving Traffic to Your Blog with Print

Direct mail remains the medium that gives you direct and reliable access to nearly everyone in your target market.

Direct mail marketing is often part of a bigger picture and longer sales cycle. It’s the most effective way of reaching people in the comfort of their homes and offices, allowing them to pass along the information to others easily.

When it comes to driving traffic to your blog, combining the tangible appeal of print materials with the allure of your digital content can yield remarkable results.

Keep reading for strategies to help entice readers to explore the engaging content you offer.

9 Genius Ideas for Driving Traffic to Your Blog with Print

1. Use Links

Send newsletters with your link on them.

Use a teaser on your printed piece to pique their interest, then follow up with a link to your blog. Create a desire in them to know more about the topics you have written about by giving them glimpses of the information in the newsletter.

2. Grab Attention

Send a postcard with a blog title on it and a statistic that gets people’s attention.

This will encourage people to search online for your information.

3. Expand Reach with Print

Create a printed piece that promotes your blog, such as an insert in a newspaper.

By giving people a little bit of information, such as a teaser, you can connect with them and get them to take the next step of going to your blog on their phone or computer.

4. Catch Their Eye

When you decorate your entrance, hang posters that highlight your blog.

Use teasers and fun tidbits that can be found in your blog. Maybe it’s a statistic or an interesting piece of information.

5. Be Creative

Make sure your headlines are catchy.

People won’t want to visit your site if you are overlooked. Spend time thinking about the headline rather than just using the first one that comes to mind. This is important so that people will be curious and check out more of what you have written.

6. Offer Exclusive Content

Provide coupons or discounts when people go to your blog.

Use a printed piece to introduce them to your latest sales. Then tell them to go to your blog for the rest of the information, then offer them a special deal.

7. Concentrate on Consistency

Coordinate your online message with the direct mail pieces.

If the two are not cohesive, it will confuse the readers, and they won’t read on. They must see the two working together to know they’ve reached the right place.

8. Use QR Codes

A QR code on your printed pieces allows readers to scan them and go directly to your blog.

They are easy for people to use and provide an easy and direct path to where you want the person to go.

9. Provide Free Reports

This is a great way to get people to go online and see what you have to say.

Make sure you pick topics they are interested in that apply to their businesses. Then, you can inform them exactly where to turn for the information using direct mail.

When printing your next project, be sure to contact us.

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