S-L-O-W Down!

We live in the age of speed.

From fast cars to fast food.

From text messaging to the microwave.

The number of hours in the day didn’t increase, but what we think we need to accomplish did.

In this hurried environment, it has become more difficult than ever to get a marketing message heard. Even harder to sell a product or service.

Zig Ziglar may have said it best: “If people like you, they may listen to you; but if they trust you, they will do business with you.”

That may seem quaint to hear, but it is just as valid in today’s world as when Zig first mentioned it many years ago.

It is true that you have to do something unique to stand out in the marketplace. Something to get people to “like you.”

But once you get that attention, slow down the process and build a relationship so that they “trust you,” too.

Provide genuine help and value. Over time that will cement the trust.

Today’s world may seem to be made for the hare, but the tortoise who takes the time to build real relationships will ultimately win the race.

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